What is Khaki Gothic?



What is Khaki Gothic?

In short, Khaki Gothic is a term I use for a specific combination of Gothic, War and Comedy. I have written an article on this for Gothic Studies due out in May 2017.

In brief, ‘it is not just an intentional, explicit employment of the rhetoric and tropes that have come to be identified as “Gothic” to depict horror, but the employment of these very same qualities to simultaneously subvert that horror, temporarily giving the appearance of humour in war narratives. Because the humour is ultimately the result of a proximity to death, the Gothic maintains a permanent foothold and is never lost; through a careful application of humour, the horror evoked seems to fleetingly shift into the periphery.’

To read an earlier draft of this article, please click here: http://eprints.lancs.ac.uk/77994/1/FINAL_Submission_Khaki_Swift_December.pdf




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